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Merging  energy based healing, therapeutic rituals and grief counseling for a heart-centered healing experience.

Still The Water

"Grief pushes and pulls the human heart. It unsettles the soul. Come, sit by the water.

Reach into the still-point and welcome comfort."


- Wendy Kardia

About Wendy

Wendy Kardia has been a Grief Counselor in Hospice Care for more than 22 years. She holds a Certificate in Holistic Therapies; a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services & Counseling; and a Master of Arts in Human Development with a focus on Transformational Grief.

Wendy's intention is to provide a safe, gentle environment for honoring and softening the challenges of life's inner and outer transitions.  


  • Reiki Method of Healing

    • First Degree Mastership 

    • Second Degree Mastership 

    • Third Degree Mastership 

  • Esoteric Healing

    • Level 1

    • Level 2

  •  Healing Touch 

    • Levels I - IIIA


  • Barbara Brennan School of Healing

    • Introduction to Healing Science​

  • Cyndi Dale

    • Four Pathways to Healing​

    • Apprenticeship Program

Healing sessions are provided in person or remotely from a distance. 
A session is presented as a sacred story that has been intuitively designed and voice recorded for each individual.

The voice recording is emailed and serves as a teaching, shaping or affirmation of the authenticity that lives in each individual while moving through life's transitions. 



30 minute remote (long-distance) session


45 minute in-person session


55 minute phone grief support processing

For those who are experiencing grief due to loss, or transition in general. 

Contact Wendy to Schedule a Healing Session
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